Winter is coming

December is drawing closer and as all of you might know, in December there is always a big sale going on at THI, AMOK and Adventure Air. That usually gives me a breather once a year.

But this time i would like to take the opportunity and time to tackle something bigger.
A bomber.
Yup a fully featured bomber from THI.

But as always it is hard to make a final call, so i made a selection of viable options you can choose from on the poll below, plus, you can add your own requests and perhaps get enough people to support the idea.

Keep in mind tho, that i take the poll as a suggestion, and one tool of many to gauge interest in a certain model. That out of the way, be sure to acknowledge that the results of this poll, will not be definite.

I will let the poll run until perhaps end of November and then announce what we decided for.

Edit: Perhaps i was not clear enough on this. But THI is our vintage line of aircraft. So no helicopters, jets or the like. But anything WWII or before is go.



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