Textures, Textures, Textures and oh wait…


The C-130 progresses steadily. Right now i just wait for Cody to finally drop me the MAFFS so i can include it. In the meanwhile i’ve finalized the paints that will come out of the box as well as the Texture Panel and the Customizable Textures Pack (External). Testing goes smooth, just with the autopilot acting up a little, as expected.

So here are the finalists:


US Air Force  Air Mobility Command


US Marine Corps VMGR 356 ‘Rangers’


Armée De l’Air (France you Cretins)


Royal Canadian Air Force

Royal Air Force Air Support Command

US Coast Guard (Station Elizabeth City)

As with the latest releases the C-130 also comes with a texture panel. This time it is rather huge and i right now check if i CAN make the internal textures appliable as well, without utterly destroying the memory on the painter script.

But as you can see. This is already rather packed. So i would need to make a second panel. labeled Internal.


But that is not all. As i said earlier. While the C-130 is in testing. i would work on the BF-110 G-2. Well this baby here:

.. might make some of the B-17 pilots cry havoc once it hits the market. It is by all means mostly for ground attack. But as it turns out, reports suggest that later in the war they threw anything at the allies. So they also deployed G-2s as daytime bomber interceptors.

And this here:

..gave them an edge in doing so.

Does not look impressive on the model right? Well let me give you a different picture:

Yep thats the BordRaketenwerfer (BR) 21cm. And they load it with a Werfergranate 21cm.
The W.Gr 21cm is the same rocket artillery as in the Nebelwerfer 42. Yes rocket artillery. On a friggin airplane.
They used these with timed fuses against the box formations of the allied bombers and with impact fuses against ground forces. The weapon was not very accurate and had a ballistic trajectory one would expect from artillery. Aiming and using the timed fuse in conjunction with your own airspeed and its ballistic arc made it difficult to score precise hits. But with a warhead that big it was fully sufficient to let the explosive effect and the shrapnel do their job.

So that is what you can look out for soon-ish. I hope i can finish the C-130 by sunday. But since i do not got the MAFFS yet, no promises on that one.


18 thoughts on “Textures, Textures, Textures and oh wait…

  1. I am looking that the RAF C-130 and, while it’s hard to find decent top view picture, the pattern of the camouflage just looks wrong. The grey and green are close to the correct colours, but the pattern looks wrong. The impression I have is that you painted the two sides the same, and connected them straight over the top, There’s a tracking shot about three minutes into this video which shows aircraft at RAF Lyneham, giving a view from above. This sort of two-colour scheme, in various colours, has been used since WW2, and the patterns were standardised to make it hard to distinguish aircraft in recce photos. You could count the planes in the open, but you couldn’t tell whether the same planes were in every photo, and whether any were out of sight in a hangar.

    The Armée de l’Air version is closer to the RAF style of patterned camouflage, though there are differences.

    There’s a drawing for a specific RAF C-130K C1P Hercules on this page.

    That documents why I think you have the pattern wrong, and I am fairly confident the drawing is correct. The C1 and C3 Hercules had the underwing fuel tanks, but were retired about three years ago. The C4 and C5, the modern C130J Super Hercules, have those fancy six-bladed props.


      • That’s a decent source, though when Marshalls fitted the refuelling probes they didn’t change the camo pattern, just some repainting where they had been working. It’s reported that the C1P (with the refuelling probe) often had some repainting of the nose area, which was well-worn by that time

        “Air Support Command” only existed from 1967 to 1972, and it’s possible the Airfix instructions showed lettering in black when the actual decals were white. I’ve found an early version of the instructions that suggests the aircraft is XV196, and the shaping of the pattern looks right for that. But that particular plane used the dark earth and light stone desert camouflage, with gloss black undersides until, at least 1977. The Low visibility roundels on the wings would have been the same Type D roundels as the fuselage side in the Air Support Command days. The 1977 photo I found shows the original camo, white lettering, and Low Visibility roundels all around. Apparently the words “Air Support Command” got overpainted. The “East of Suez” commitments to Malaysia and Singapore had also ended by that time

        The Airfix kit was sold to Italeri.

        I am tempted to do a mod for another aircraft of that era with the dark-earth/light-stone paint. It looks like they had all been repainted to the standard European scheme by 1990, and overall desert pink is another option.

        I turned up a few pics of RAF Hercs flying the “Mach Loop” in Wales, and the SL Snowlands could be close, if you could avoid the banlines.


  2. I actually saw C-130Ks doing touch and go’s at a military strip in the Wiltshire Downs… the family and I were on a weekend trip to Bath from where I was working as a consulting analyst; we were visiting the Wiltshire White Horse, actually standing on the bluff over the chalk horse drawing, which gave us a splendid view of the Downs.

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  3. “Some people asked me what the Armée De l’Air is. And i said: “France you cretin!” Playfully insulting THEM, not the french😀”

    Doing that, insulting our army, you’re insulting all the french people, and showing one more time all SL community how stupid and racist you are !



      • Try another kind of humor, about yourself or germans for example.
        If you want to explain what Ada livery is, the good way was to write (French Air Force), and not this insulting sentence with its double meaning. Something that you perfectly know…


        • Hey don’t get me started about white flag factories or reverse gear tanks, Mak. I do like you. But humor is humor. Humor always goes at the expense of someone and when someone makes jokes that involve germans, then i laugh, because it is meant humorous. And this joke was not even against the french. it just involved them. Ease up…


          • “Hey don’t get me started about white flag factories or reverse gear tanks, Mak.”

            Falling masks…

            I don’t need to. You started a long time ago. I remember your MCE blog for example.

            Nothing to do about me or your opinion about me. I don’t care.
            French army deserves respect (the jokes you’re talking about, come from people who know nothing about history, or try to weaken France, you are free to belong to this club).
            Our soldiers paid and will pay again a very high tribute to protect Europe, while other nations (except Brits) are deeply sleeping.


              • You have a short memory !
                We should ask for the opinion of the Jews, the homosexuals, the handicapped persons, the travellers, and many kind of minorities… Just to see.


                • Are you seriously trying to reel up that big about a joke that was not even remotely aimed at your people? Or are you just trying to troll here? Just to emphasize this.

                  This is british humor against the Germans and i find it super funny:

                  This is French humor against the Germans! And i LOVE it.

                  Here is some british humor versus the french, which is of course great too.

                  You get the point? Humor, fun, laughing. Humor always gets at the expense of someone. And someone who tries to be super serious about a joke, as you well know, stands out as the complete jerk in the crowd. Do you want to be that jerk?
                  If you do want to be that jerk. I happily remove you from commenting on this blog. Because if one thing germans, british and french and probably anyone else have in common. They hate it when someone shits in their backyard during a party.


    • Mak, Aeon was clearly saying that anyone who didn’t know L’Armee de l’Air was France’s air force was a cretin (and then he explained even that remark was a joke).

      As an American of French descent who speaks French and English adequately well, I can assure you nothing in his original post or his later clarification was even remotely an insult to France, L’Armee de l’Air, or the French people.


  4. I didn’t know it was an humoristic blog.
    Maybe you should ask french soldiers if they like to see the french livery with such comment.
    Humor has nothing to do with belittlement, free insults, and targeted propaganda.
    We heard and saw yours for years.

    Remove me ?
    You can’t know how I don’t care, I’m not one of your groupie, never was…
    I said what I had to, please do.


    • I’d say the only thing you’re proving is (a) that you can’t read English properly (or what many of us already know – that Google mistranslates English into French very badly) and (b) that you are determined to see an insult where none was offered.


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