C-130 Progress Report Part 1



So here she is in the current US Air Force livery. No worries there will be more to come.

So first i added seating and the cargo pallets. The seat benches are the same as in the Chinook, because those are standartized seats of the era the Hercules and the Chinook got build. You can still find this type of seat everywhere in US Aircraft of that time and later.
The cargo pallets are of the HCU-6/E aka 463L type and can hold 4 standard pallets for air drop and 8 standard pallets for normal cargo carrying. they have their own rolls and are mean’t to cushion the impact when dropped. I decided to only go for the air drop size because when you look at this picture:


You will see that i also modeled out the webbing they come with.
The Hercules can carry 5 of those by standard but i heard that sometimes they also put an additional pallet on the ramp. But since this is supposed to be a modular cargo system, i can’t really pull that off.

Then i sat down and got the JATO (actually RATO but whatever) system modeled out. That was rather easy as the texturing was not really challenging. They are just gray bare metal things that get stuck to the sides of the main landing gear blisters.


While i wait on cody to finish the MAFFS, i already started scripting her up. I want this airplane to be enjoyable and accessable to as many people as possible so i decided that I will go with the AvA engine that also powered the KC-10. with some modernisation of course but still. No crashes, no stalls no spins. I honestly also think that the THI engine isn’t just quite ready for the big birds yet.

Oh and the MAFFS? That is some serious stuff. Have a look:


MAFFS stands for: Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System.

I’ve talked with Lares Carter earlier today about a possible addition to the HD fire system:
Fire Retardant. Basically code that lets fire progress slower when hit by something like a MAFFS, which sprays fire retardant.
He said he would think about it.

With that i gonna go back to my sandbox and continue work!


2 thoughts on “C-130 Progress Report Part 1

  1. Good to see you blogging Aeon. I must admit, i’m really looking forward to seeing this plane in SL. It looks huge and i love flying big prop planes. Can you tell me what the wingspan of the model is? and will it have full working cockpit instrumentation?


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