C-130 Progress Report Part II

I’m very close to hand this baby to the testers and it’s got some interesting new features I like to talk about in this blog.

First off some eye candy for you guys.


The JATO take off works like a charm


Paradrop works perfect as well. But has to be seen in action to really appreciate. The parachute is fully animated.

That brings me to the first topic. One of the functionalities i will add in this release is the ability to add or replace prims on the Hercules via a Dev/Modkit. That in turn allows the 3rd party market to sell mod kits for the airplane, that are easy to apply to the aircraft. This includes, but is not limited to cargo payloads and para cargo payloads.

Cargo Payloads can be customized through the Dev/Modkit and it will be in every box of the airplane sold. That being said. Yes it will be mod.


The other feature that will come is not entirely new to SL but has a new component
This airplane will have an autopilot, with two simple settings, altitutde and heading.
Nothing really spectacular you say rightfully at this point, but the next thing is a tad better.
Waypoint navigation. You can load up to 5 waypoints into the HUD and then enable the system to follow the waypoints. it will fly off all the waypoints one after another autonomously. And while on the go you can buff up the list even more, if you feel so inclined.


I do have some semi bad news too tho. I will not put VICE nor MCE into the plain cargo version of the plane. Modders can add it on their own if they desire so but i don’t think that this is a good idea, considering how virtually packed this thing already is.
But VICE and MCE will of course be in the other versions: the AC-130 and the MC-130

Speaking about the MC-130, The skyhook is only on the Combat Talon II, but the Combat Talon II has no armament. Do you rather want the Combat Talon II or the Dragon Spear?

Let me know in the comments below!



C-130 Progress Report Part 1



So here she is in the current US Air Force livery. No worries there will be more to come.

So first i added seating and the cargo pallets. The seat benches are the same as in the Chinook, because those are standartized seats of the era the Hercules and the Chinook got build. You can still find this type of seat everywhere in US Aircraft of that time and later.
The cargo pallets are of the HCU-6/E aka 463L type and can hold 4 standard pallets for air drop and 8 standard pallets for normal cargo carrying. they have their own rolls and are mean’t to cushion the impact when dropped. I decided to only go for the air drop size because when you look at this picture:


You will see that i also modeled out the webbing they come with.
The Hercules can carry 5 of those by standard but i heard that sometimes they also put an additional pallet on the ramp. But since this is supposed to be a modular cargo system, i can’t really pull that off.

Then i sat down and got the JATO (actually RATO but whatever) system modeled out. That was rather easy as the texturing was not really challenging. They are just gray bare metal things that get stuck to the sides of the main landing gear blisters.


While i wait on cody to finish the MAFFS, i already started scripting her up. I want this airplane to be enjoyable and accessable to as many people as possible so i decided that I will go with the AvA engine that also powered the KC-10. with some modernisation of course but still. No crashes, no stalls no spins. I honestly also think that the THI engine isn’t just quite ready for the big birds yet.

Oh and the MAFFS? That is some serious stuff. Have a look:


MAFFS stands for: Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System.

I’ve talked with Lares Carter earlier today about a possible addition to the HD fire system:
Fire Retardant. Basically code that lets fire progress slower when hit by something like a MAFFS, which sprays fire retardant.
He said he would think about it.

With that i gonna go back to my sandbox and continue work!

The first post is always hard

So after a lot of mulling and a lot of thought i decided to give this whole blog thing a try.
I gonna write about aircraft, aircraft, more aircraft, combat, second life and occasionally titties, because i like titties*. Did i mentioned aircraft?

Oh, and i also gonna post WIP pictures and stuff from my workbench and perhaps, when I’m in a really good mood, gonna write down a tutorial, a rant and perhaps even something journalistic stuff.
My grammar might not always be on target but then again, i grew up in Germany so i do have a valid excuse.

So the A-10 is now out for a couple days, both inworld and on SL Marketplace and i have to say: This is probably the best selling product since my A-6 Intruder. But it was despite the hype nothing really special to me.
There is a reason why i abandoned modern aircraft. I ran dry. I ran dry on ideas, inspiration and drive to try and take my jets to another level. Luckily enough the A-10 is a subsonic design, so i could shoehorn the new THI engine onto it, which at first was developed for the LEA P-80 Shooting Star to begin with (if you do not yet have a copy, check it out, it is a great little vintage airplane. The US’s first operational jet fighter).Back to jets: I basically did everything and anything SL permits me to do with jets and their weaponry. I just hit a development wall and that was largely due to the architecture of SL.
I will try and get more modern stuff on the road. The next will be the C-130 series. Consisting of the C-130 with options for troops, cargo, firefighting and tanker duty (covering most C-130 variants in a support role). The AC-130 in the Spooky II configuration, which means: 1 105 Howitzer, 1 40mm Bofors and 1 30mm gatling cannon.
And last will come the MC-130 Combat Spear equipped with: 1 Bushmaster 30mm cannon, a 10er rack of Griffin AGM missiles, in-air refueling capability as well as the ability to parachute small groups of commandos and pick them up with the skyhook system.

Thats for that!

I also would like to come back to THI warbirds. I am fully aware that the freebies currently need an update and that i still owe you all the other BF110 models. I will try and do them on the side, once the C-130 goes into testing.
I have to admit that the warbirds do not go as well as i thought. Even after re-introducing VICE into them, the sales are mediocre at best. As you all can see, i did put in a whole lot more work into those than in previous builds and frankly, for the effort, the payout is not as good as i would have thought and thus the warbirds have to go on a backburner. However, i do keep the schedule on those.
As a quick reminder: BF110G-2 Büchsenöffner, BF110G-4 Night Fighter are coming as soon as possible. After that i do have a commitment for a Dewoitine D.520 – as the name suggests a french fighter. As a matter of fact probably the best the french had at the beginning of the war. From the performance specs it should be able to put up a good fight against a BF-109E or Spitfire MK.I.
After that i still do got the Mosquito coming up. That one will come in the following variants: Bomber B MK.IV Series 2, Fighter F MK.II, Fighter Bomber FB MK. XVIII TseTse and as an extra the TR MK.33 Sea Mosquito.
Karl Friedrichs is working on a Corsair which will come in the variants F4U-1 (cage canopy) and F4U-1A (bubble canopy) as well as F4U-5+ (Korean War era).
Karl Reisman is working on a Hurricane and the versions are not yet fully decided.

So as you can see we still do got a full plate and are working hard to provide some awesome aircraft for combat and leisure flight.

If you have any special suggestions or wishes post them into the comments below. The ones with the most likes will get the most consideration.
And something in a related matter. If you do find bugs or irregularities in our products, do not hesistate to send Whitewolf Mumfuzz A NOTECARD inworld. He compiles those for me to look over them. It now came several times to my attention that people complained about bugs in our products but never actually reported them (properly). If i do not know about bugs, i cannot fix them and if you do not report them and at the same time complain about the bug, i find that rather unfair towards me and others who might also suffer from the bug.

So thats it for this time. I hope you read me soon again!

*titties that are attached to actual women.